An Agile team school project to deliver an Inventory Management System for a mock Fortune 500 client. Our team's goal was to deliver this time-sensitive, full stack application with a modern React front-end communicating with a robust Express back-end in one week.

website responsive mockups

Project Overview

We were provided a link to a Figma project responsive style guide, and used Git/GitHub, JIRA and the Scrum methodology to manage the collaborative workflow. We built this web application called ‘InStock’ from the ground-up, with one of our educators designated as scrum master to set up a JIRA Scrum board with the required tasks outlined. Each team member took an equal split of front-end/back-end tasks and moved their tickets through different swimlanes on the JIRA board.

Agile practices involve discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

Aiming for precision, we accurately re-created the Figma design to be responsive, effectively showing/hiding elements when switching between different breakpoints. We used create-react-app to create React components, using state and props to make the user interface dynamic. Using react-router-dom we created proper routes for each component with router props, and for each of the forms we implemented validation.

screenshot of form on website
Jira Figma and GitHub logos

Team Management

As an Agile team, using Jira each team member chose the tasks they wanted to take on until every ticket was distrubted evenly, estimating how many Story Points we anticipated each role taking. Morning stand-ups to discuss progress, blockers and needs as well as detailed Git commit messages helped keep us on track.

We used GitHub to keep up to date on all changes made to the project, using different branches for every task. Each day a different team member was responsible for reviewing and merging pull requests. With active communication we avoided any serious merge conflicts. Once a task was completed and successfully merged, that ticket was moved to 'Done' in Jira.

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