Mastercard Hackathon

I was a member of the winning team for Mastercard’s 24-hour, cross-discipline hackathon challenge, presented to our school’s 4 digital skills training bootcamp courses: Web Development, UX Design, Data Science, and Digital Marketing.

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Online transactions come with security issues. An increase in identity theft reports, most being credit card fraud, is expected to increase in the coming years. How might we increase the security of online digital transactions for the widest range of users?

With diverse accessibility needs, how do you help everyone?

You give them a choice.

"Mastercard choice, because choice opens up possibility and unlocks potential."

Our Solution

An innovative security solution, allowing users the option to apply biometric verification, using a combination of face ID, touch ID and/or voice ID for each of their Mastercards.

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A full prototype demonstrating the simple onboarding process of Mastercard Choice Verification within the Mastercard app. Designed and implemented using Figma.

Using an ecommerce site mock-up designed by the UX team, we included the steps to complete a purchase if a user has already set-up face ID. This prototype features actual image capture to mimic the facial recognition process.

The data

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Digital Marketing Campaign

The guiding star for this Digital Marketing Campaign is as the campaign name suggest: choice. Choice is key to reaching a diverse range of clients, with diverse barriers and access needs.

Our Awesome Team

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